Art Vibe @ Sal's Place

For 2013, Sal's Place presents ART VIBE- a collection of bold, edgy and local art that promises us a refelctive pause in the middle of our hyper-ADD pace of life.  Our first artist provides us a way to see ourselves anew.

Mythical, Magical, Mind-blowing: That’s Nino Scimeca

Nino Scimeca lands in Provincetown from the village of Bolognetta a provence of Palermo Sicily, where he studied at The Academy of Fine Arts and The Academy of Art. His surreal world is full of symbolisms pertaining to the knowledge of man, and the thousand “whys” of his existence, in a cosmic, moral and intellectual sense. His art emerges in the a tension between our meditative and intellectual states, with lines and signs that search for the subjective one, “beautifully” and aesthetically.


Nino's art is defined a rare technique called "Velatura," a layering of many almost transparent colors. Each layer of color interacts to give life and remetabolize the final layer. The Velatura technique was borne in the renaissance period, first used by Leonardo Da Vinci and then by Michelangelo. Nino's paintings display this technique with a deep sense of chromaticism. He applies this technique in his painting in the same manner as Caravaggio and other masters of the renaissance and baroque periods.

In 2012, Nino opened his art school and gallery at The Penny House Inn, in Eastham, MA. and displayed his art in Provincetown. Nino’s paintings are owned by many private collectors and are in private collections all over the world, notably, Guy Laliberte, co-founder and current CEO of Cirque du Soleil and Al Decarolis, current owner of 9021PHO.  Sal's Place is honored to launch Art Vibe 2013 with Nino Scimeca as he continues on his magical journey.